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Curative Title Work

If you have been told you have a title issue with either your surface or mineral interests we can help. Many clients find out they have a title issue with their mineral interests when their royalties are suspended. Often you may just need curative instruments prepared that can remove any title defects. However, sometimes your title issue can't be fixed by documents alone and you may need to institute a Quiet Title action. 

A Quiet Title action is a lawsuit which establishes ownership of property (to include land, buildings, or mineral rights). Quiet Titles are necessary when multiple people have claims to the same piece of property. By performing a Quiet Title action, the competing claims are “quieted” and the court determines the legal owner of the property.

Quiet Titles may also be necessary when there is a “cloud” on the title. Generally, if there is any reason the property owner might have to defend their ownership court, the title is considered clouded. This can occur when properties are not properly conveyed during a purchase or after death.

The attorneys at Hartsfield & Egbert Law Firm have years of experience performing Curative Title Work and counseling clients on issues relating to their surface and mineral interests.  If you think there may be problems with the title to your land, home, or mineral rights, call Hartsfield & Egbert Law Firm today and let our experienced attorneys help you.

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